Galaxy Z Fold6

Galaxy AI is here

Galaxy AI is here


Put PC-like power in your pocket, Galaxy Z Fold6. More powerful than ever with its super-slim, productive screen. Now super-charged with Galaxy AI on foldables.


Circle to search on the big screen1

It’s an efficient way to search on a smartphone — just make a circle. Boost your productivity on the massive fold-out screen, with your finger or the S Pen.6


The easiest way to

summarize notes on

Galaxy foldables

Get lecture notes in just a few taps — even as you multitask. Note Assist transcribes recordings and organizes them into notes, producing efficient summaries.2 For everything else there’s S Pen, ready to work wonders on the sweeping screen.6

Durable. Reliable. Built to last

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Your ultimate interpreter experience with dual screens13,14

Traveling and need to talk with the locals? Interpreter translates on the spot whether you’re expressing yourself, or listening to a global conference in a foreign language or to a tour guide.



phone calls15

Translate phone conversations instantly. Perfect for real-time voice translation on various apps, especially when you’re making calls that involve two languages.


Chat with Gemini to supercharge your ideas

Thanks to Samsung’s longstanding partnership with Google, your Galaxy now comes with the Google Gemini app. Chat with Gemini to get help learning in new ways, writing thank you notes, planning events and more.16

Frequently Asked Questions

Galaxy Z Fold6 is available in Silver Shadow, Pink and Navy.5

Galaxy Z Fold6 uses AI throughout many apps. For example, the camera uses AI Zoom; Photo Assist uses AI to fill backgrounds and move, resize or erase objects.9,25

Productivity tools include Interpreter, which works offline to translate conversations in real-time, and Live Translate, which facilitates calls.13,15 Composer feature for Chat Assist helps draft messages efficiently; Note Assist transcribes recordings and organizes notes.2,7

Galaxy Z Fold6 comes with a big screen, with a 6.3″ Cover Screen and 7.6″ Main Screen.38,39 Equipped with Galaxy AI, it is the perfect setup for high-powered productivity. Furthermore, Galaxy Z Fold6 is ideal for watching videos or an immersive gaming experience. Galaxy Z Fold6 hits a peak brightness of 2600 nits, a boost from Galaxy Z Fold5’s 1750 nits.18 Its 3 Step Vision Booster also adjusts color according to illuminance, keeping the display clear enough even outdoors or while on the go

S Pen enables productive usage of Galaxy AI.6 While S Pen is supported on the Main Screen, Galaxy Z Fold6 does not come with an S Pen. Purchase the S Pen Fold Edition or S Pen Case to enjoy smooth note-taking and perform Air Commands.40

Its software has upgraded to Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform for Galaxy, a high-performance processor, to enable silky-smooth gaming.20 Besides featuring Vulkan API and the newest AP, its 3 Step Vision Booster also adjusts color according to illuminance. Galaxy Z Fold6 hits a peak brightness of 2600 nits, a boost from Galaxy Z Fold5’s 1750 nits.18 Vapor Chamber area also increased to support extended periods of heavy gameplay.

At 239 grams, Galaxy Z Fold6 is lighter and slimmer than Galaxy Z Fold5, making it more pocketable.

An upgraded processor elevates Galaxy Z Fold6 performance across the board with CPU performance improved by 18%, GPU by 19% and NPU by 42% compared to Galaxy Z Fold5.21 Last but not least, the latest and most advanced version of Galaxy AI ups your productivity game.

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