With nearly 18 years of fulfilling Vodacom’s vision to expand its franchise retail footprint and target a younger audience, Vodacom 4U is the choice of the youth.

Vodacom 4U is ideally situated in South Africa’s Grade A metropolitan Malls to ensure that most of South Africa is covered. The 4U offering is slightly differentiated in terms of service and experience, while still being able to connect you to Vodacom, South Africa’s leading network. The carefully selected franchisees contribute to the success of the franchise, they are owner operated stores, ensuring that you, the customer should always receive the best service and support in an ever changing environment.

Vodacom 4U has had the honor of receiving the Vodacom CEO’s award for excellence on several occasions.

Whilst we target the youth in our messaging, we still offer a broad range of business solutions and services.

This is your beat
Your life
Your way
Your destination

Vodacom 4U keeps you connected to your future, with stores nationwide.