The History of Vodacom 4U

The Vodacom 4U Franchise is managed by Matrix Investments No.2 (PTY) Ltd and operated by Vodacom (PTY) Ltd.  Our first store was opened on the 1st October 2003.  Together, we  have all the necessary experience, passion and drive to go to the very top and stay there. 

We currently have a total of (73) operating stores and to date (65) stores newly revamped to a Fresh New Look & Feel.  Our new store design is modern, clean, stylish and fresh.  Vodacom 4U stores exude a fun and youthful vibe with M-TV and other music channels played in-store. Self help integrated touch screens in-store allow an interactive personal experience with the technology and services available.

The Vodacom 4U Franchise Group is a lifestyle choice aimed at the energetic, informed, youth market.  The Vodacom 4U stores target the young leaders/youth who are looking for the best in technology, style, fashion and lifestyle.

Vodacom 4U stores offer you exactly what you are looking for!  From in-store design, tailor-made deals, cutting edge mobile technology and the very best in sales support and service.  In short, customer satisfaction!

Our vision and brand identity

Vodacom 4U stores strive to satisfy their customer’s cellular needs and wants.  The demand for innovative technology and fresh ideas has been totally addressed.

The Vodacom 4U Staff are themselves, part of a culture whose expectation defy standard norms and whose thirst and appreciation of high-end technology remains unquenched. 

The Vodacom 4U Stores offer a wide range of accessories, the latest contract, upgrade, tablet and notebook deals.

Target Market

Vodacom 4U stores target market spans a broad base from ages 16 to 35, but its dynamic image and advertising thrust is aimed at the youth market.   Vodacom 4U stores target the Youth by being first to market with delivery of the latest handsets, notebooks and tablets in order to provide the engine to access gaming, music, fashion and social networking.

Specialised tariff contract and prepaid options are available for the youth to customise according to their needs – bundling packages with airtime, data and accessories.